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Jesus Paid It All

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Written by Charlotte Abanese


You’ve got your ways

And I’ve got mine

You’re so consumed with your selfishness

You miss the chance of love devine

Forgiveness is a choice on this

You can live with your leechy baggage

Or be transformed by His sacrifice.


There was a price

Put on your life

The second you were born

But Jesus paid it all

Jesus paid it all

You were trapped and abused in sin

But Jesus paid the price

Jesus paid it all

For your healing, a new beginning,

for peace and security, 

and live with Him for eternity

You’re His creation, His beloved,

not easily replaced.


You’re drowning in your own tears

You’ve been wasting away these years 

The light has been within your grasp

You never believed once this could last


There was a price that was paid

for your life you waste away

and you pray with your own sorrows

always worrying about tomorrows

When peace is what He promised

because without it, we don’t know this

Forgive and live on

with His gentle healing balm I love


You ain’t easily replaced

You ain’t easily replaced

You’ve got worth in your soul

No matter anything at all

There is value in you

You’ve got Jesus in you too

Open your heart to Him again

Be healed and delivered from their sins.

Blessings to you.

Little Girl


I was a little girl 

at an innocent age,

Tormented by your sick 

and controlling rage.


You took my spirit,

my childhood,

and nearly my life,

Treated me not as your daughter,

but as your wife.


I needed attention,

but the kind you gave,

Turned me into

a prisoner

and made me a slave.


To protect my family,

I kept quiet and lied,

While everyday

a part of me died.


The little girl

went away,

she will never be found.

And this big girl

now stands on shaky ground.


The demons are chasing,

they’re closing in fast,

I’m starting to wonder

how long it will last.


Hurt and anger,

that’s all I feel.

Staying alive is a battle,

no longer a thrill.


Will there ever be peace

that I call my own?

Will there ever be a place

that I can call home?


I’m begging you now

as I begged you before,

Please go away,

Please hurt me no more.

Written by Cindy – Angels by Grace – June 1998


Blessings to you

“Reaching Out”

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Written by Christine R. – Angels by Grace Pub. April 1998

I feel your pain

And long to touch your hurt

And make it melt away.

Yes, I know

I can’t really see

the breadth

and depth

of this dark valley you’re in.


I can’t truly know

just how sharp the knife is

in your soul –

for it is you in its path, 

not me.

But I have known other valleys,

and in my heart

still bear knife-wounds scars.

Even so

I would walk your road

and take your pain

if I could.

I cannot. 


And yet, perhaps

in some way

I can be a hand to hold

in the darkness;

in some way, try to blunt

the sharpness of pain.

But, if not

it may help a little

just to know I care.

Blessings to you.