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Unholy Vows is an Open Door


An inner vow is a solemn promise we make to ourselves. Those vows lodge into our subconscious and although we may totally forget we made such a vow, it is there and will control parts of our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

As children, and even as adults, we make vows that start with “I will never.”  Usually it stems from hurt or pain. “I’ll never get married again!” “I’ll never be like my Dad!” These inner vows stem from a spirit of rejection and open the door to the enemy.

As a child being abused I learned that by crying it created great satisfaction to my abuser. Upon my realizing that fact the devil stepped through that open door and whispered, “Show her, don’t cry!” I immediately vowed, “No-one will ever see me cry again!” That not only shut the door to my true emotions but caused me more physical pain because the beatings lasted longer in order to draw tears. For 45+ years no-one saw me cry! Not tears of joy, not tears of pain.

Hatred replaced forgiveness. “Forgive others so you’ll be forgiven” flew right out the window of my heart. “Come hell or high water I’ll get revenge! No-one will ever hurt me like that again!” Satan was well pleased with my vow. He instilled hatred instead of love. He accomplished his purpose to rob, steal, and destroy.

God has a purpose for all of us and unholy inner vows thwart, separate us from God’s purposes. We’re saying, “My will, not God’s.”

Our anger, unforgiveness, pride, issues of control and manipulation all stem from that spirit of rejection.

Many times we use anger to cover the hurt we are feeling. We stomp off making yet another vow. We try to control people and things by building walls. Walls that leave us in a prison of not knowing, feeling, or exhibiting love. We think we are protecting ourselves from being rejected but in reality we are shutting God and others out. “No-one will ever hurt me again!” “I’ll never show my true feelings.” “I’ll never trust _____ again!”

Inner vows is where “people pleasing” comes from. If we can be what someone wants us to be then they won’t reject us. If I can make everyone laugh, regardless of the turmoil I’m feeling, then they will love me. “Don’t rock the boat” and I won’t be rejected. “I’ll never say what I really think.” “I never count so make them happy.”

In order to hide the feelings of rejection we also try to manipulate others and circumstances. Instead of trusting God with the situation we usurp Him by “making things happen my way.” That’s pride! Pride feeds right into the vows we have made. “I don’t need God to tell me what to do.” Authority issues stem from the issues of rejection.

There are many vows we have made knowingly or unknowingly and in order to be set free from them and come closer to who God created us to be each and every vow must be renounced and repented of.

Ask the Lord to bring to mind the unholy inner vows you have made. Don’t be surprised if there are many. Take the time to write them down and begin renouncing them.

Here’s a sample prayer of renunciation:

Heavenly Father, I come to You in Jesus name, I repent and renounce the vow I made (describe what the vow entailed and any person you may have made the vow to).  I realize this was foolish and rash on my behalf, and I ask that you will forgive me and release me from the bondage that this vow has brought me under.

In the name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood, I now renounce, break and nullify the vow (name the vow and any person the vow was made to), and I confess that I am released from this vow and it’s bondage in Jesus name.

I now command any evil spirits which have taken advantage of this unholy vow to leave me now in Jesus name!

(Repeat this prayer if you have more than one unholy vow to break.)


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Blessings to you.

Profile of a pedophile


  “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

What is a pedophile? It is someone who desires sex with children. In my opinion they are mentally sick, demented, and controlled by Satan. Satan uses them in the most perverse ways he can which allows families and individuals to be destroyed emotionally, at times physically, and the victims spirit is shattered.

Statistics show the majority of pedophiles are male but women are  not left out and neither are teenagers. Think about the news casts we’ve seen where a female teacher has been having sex with her students. Think about the young men who trick younger children to meet them “out behind the building.”  These are people who are dangerous and have one agenda, sex with a child.

They can be someone you love, a relative. My Dad was one. His victims numbered six, that we know of. They can be a grandfather, uncle, brother, and yes maybe even your wife or son or a preacher, teacher, coach, or neighbor. In other words, it can be anyone.

Pedophiles have a pattern, an M.O. if you want to call it that. There are behaviors and attitudes that we can look for to help us protect our children. In Charles Montaldo, a crime expert, article, “Profile of a Pedophile” (May 16, 2014) he outlines some of what we can look for.

Young children are not the only victims they target. Some pedophiles “prefer their victims to be close to the age of puberty.” So our teenagers are not safe due to their age. Male and females are potential targets.

Pedophiles will find jobs or volunteer where they are around children. It can be a youth group at church, a playground down the street, little league, swim team. Groups are not the only target area for prospects. They seek out individuals in a variety of ways.

They look for children that are “shy, withdrawn,” and yes, even “handicapped.” “Many victims are from troubled homes and the underprivileged.” Single parents are a prime target. They will get close to the single parent ingratiating themselves into the family  so as to be close to their potential victim. What better way to have your victim close than to live in the same house or across the street? The internet is a prime source of locating and grooming the pedophiles victims. He can be anything the child wants him to be without ever showing his true colors – until its to late.

The pedophile is very skilled in his/her manipulation and “grooming.” Many children have low self-esteem and the pedophile will play on that by becoming friendly and telling the victim how special they are. Children with low self-esteem are not the only ones the pedophile will woo. Giggling girls playing on a chat site can suddenly find themselves being wooed by a pedophile, sucked into the vice of, “he seems so nice.” “There’s no harm in just talking.” The child has just stepped into the pedophiles web of deception.

Part of the grooming process is offering “love,” “support,” filling the needs of the child that seem obvious to the pedophile. They may offer drugs, alcohol, or show the child pornographic pictures all under the guise of, ” it’s okay,”  “it’s healthy and normal.” and “this is preparing you for marriage.”

The pedophile will also use guilt as a means to get to the child. “If you are really my friend you’ll ….” or “I thought you loved me!” The pedophile will use any language or means available to achieve the goal – sex with a child!

Parents be aware! We don’t have to be paranoid but we have to be cautious! We’re warned constantly about watching what our children are doing on the computer. It can become a “yeah, yeah, yeah” but its there for a very good reason. If someone is wanting to be around your child more than normal, volunteering to babysit and almost insisting, take your child camping, rides home from school or a friends more than occasionally, hugging more than appropriate, touching or “sly” looks, be on the alert. If your child suddenly doesn’t want to be around a friend or relative they previously had a relationship with ask why. Mom’s have a God given sensitivity – follow that gut feeling that something isn’t right in the relationship this person has with your child. If it means losing a relationship with a relative or friend – caution is the best antidote. Your child comes first!

   “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

Blessings to you.