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When God Speaks, Listen.

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Written by Charlie – Angels by Grace Pub. – March 1997


When I was young I sought God. I asked God,

 “Why do you not speak to me? Other’s

say you speak to them, and they are no

better than I!

Sure I know right from wrong,

yet sometimes I do the wrong. But

I don’t hurt anyone.

My friends don’t like me! But then,

I don’t need them anyway. My family just

wants me to do what they say. But who

are they to tell me what to do!”

Then a still small voice inside of me said,

“I’ve spoken to you many times. Yet

many times you refused to listen.

I’ve sent angels to protect you,

in times when you were alone and


I also sent you friends that you

turned away! They didn’t ‘fit in.’

I’ve had your mother and all your

family tell you the right things

to do.

How can you hear Me when you will

not hear what those who love you

have to say?

The truth is, if you would listen,

you would hear My voice in so

many ways.”

Then God spoke once more. And I listened when He said,

“Be still and know that I am God.”


Blessings to you.