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Protective or Not?

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Las Vegas Strip, Author David_Vasquez (PD)

Hotel clerk, Danielle Jacobsen, expected a routine shift.  The middle-aged woman approaching her desk looked like any other Vegas tourist.

But Virginia Paris was decidedly out of the ordinary.  Explaining that she had been kidnapped, Paris asked that Jacobsen contact police without alerting her kidnapper who was standing nearby [1A].

“She was like, ‘Uh, I need help.  I’ve been abducted.  I’ve been missing since Friday.  It’s pretty serious, can you please pretend like you’re checking me into a room please and get the cops on the phone and get them here?’ ”

-Danielle Jacobsen on her encounter with kidnapping victim, Virginia Paris [1B]

Despite an Order of Protection, Paris had been kidnapped by her former boyfriend, Joseph Hetzel.  Jacobsen managed to contact Security inconspicuously.  Paris was taken to a room for safety, and Hetzel later arrested.

Orders of Protection

An Order of Protection from…

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I’m the Support Person to a Sexual Abuse Survivor and This Is What Its Like.

I’m the Support Person to a Sexual Abuse Survivor and This Is What Its Like.


I’m the husband of a childhood sexual abuse survivor . I am the support, the clean up crew. But…

“My wife is my hero.”

I take all of my cues from her. She doesn’t know it, but I do. We’ve only been married for 5 years (this year) but we’ve crammed what feels like 20 years of life in there somehow. We started dating when we were 23/24 (which explains a LOT. One thing that slaps me in the face over and OVER throughout life is that you are never as old or as mature as you might like to think you were, so when you think about some of the things that we try to guilt ourselves into thinking we should have accomplished by [insert age here] NO WONDER it was so fucking hard!) Somewhere in that 5 years I went from worrying about what EVERYONE thinks of me (I’m…

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ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Child sticking out his tongue, Author Augusto Starita (GNU Free Documentation License) (CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported)

Their tongue is an arrow shot out; It speaks deceit…” (Jer. 9: 8).

The Bible does not favor the tongue much.  That organ is instead described as crafty (Job 15: 5), lying (Ps. 109: 2), false (Ps. 120: 3), divided (Ps. 55: 9), and deceitful (Ps. 52: 4).  Job called it a scourge (Job 5: 21), with evil hidden beneath the sweetness (Job 12: 20).

As abuse victims, we experienced this firsthand.  The full force of the tongue was directed against us.  We were vilified and demeaned by our abusers, humiliated and reviled without a chance to defend ourselves.

Into the Marrow

And their tongue [is] a sharp sword” (Ps. 57: 4).

Words can cut deeply, especially since children do not weigh their veracity.

Worse still, hurtful words can be…

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Signs Of Verbal Abuse

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Signs Of Verbal Abuse

Physical and sexual are not the only kinds of abuse.

The Twenty Something Social Recluse

When many people hear the word abuse, they think about physical abuse such as hitting, slapping or punching. However verbal abuse is more common than physical abuse, and it can be just as damaging as physical abuse.

One of the main problems with verbal abuse is that many people aren’t aware that they are being verbally abused. Instead they believe that the abuse is a reasonable reaction to their own behaviour, which can destroy their confidence and self-esteem over time.

Here are 10 clear signs of verbal abuse.

1. Withholding information. They don’t express their thoughts or feelings with you, but they expect you to share your feelings with them.

2. They constantly counter your points. They often disagree with your opinion and berate you. For instance if you enjoy a song they will say that the song is bad, and then they will make you feel bad for having…

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Preventing Teen and Pre-Teen Suicide

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ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

The band “Rockers Behind the Bridge” performs at Suicide Prevention Month event (2015), Washington DC, Author US Customs and Border Protection (PD-fed. govt.)

After 7 students committed suicide, the Mesa Valley School District in Colorado briefly took 13 Reasons Why — the book on which the Netflix series by the same name is based — out of circulation [1].  The ban lasted no more than a few hours.

Other school districts have made the book mandatory summer reading.

Romanticizing Suicide

13 Reasons Why is a work of fiction in which a high school girl kills herself, leaving behind tapes to be played after her death.  Critics of the book – myself included – view it as romanticizing suicide, without providing young readers an alternative perspective.

A Daily Assault

Our children are daily assaulted by a culture that lionizes physical appearance, popularity/fame, athletic ability, wealth, and conformity.

Most do not meet…

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Did God Cause My Abuse for My Good? by Ashley Easter

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Purposefully Scarred

Sometimes the sentiment is subtle, sometimes it is overt: Your abuse was God’s will, a part of His good plan, for your good and His glory.Whether this idea comes from a theological framework that declares God sovereignly ordained the experience in your life in accordance with His plan or whether it is a friend who…

via Did God Cause My Abuse For My Good? — Blog – Ashley Easter

I am sharing this post written by my dear friend and fellow advocate, Ashley, because she did a great job answering an extremely important question.

If you know the story of Joseph from the Old Testament (Genesis 37-50), he is often used as the prime example. At the end of the story, he says to the brothers who left him for dead and then sold him into slavery, “What you meant for evil, God meant for good”. People have interpreted that to…

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Around the Campfire.

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Sue's Pen2PaperBlog

(The little girl in the picture isn’t me)

Laughter fills the air as the birds, squirrels, and maybe even a bear or two sleep. “Shhhh,” Mrs. B. puts her finger to her mouth and looks around at us conspiratorially.

Yes! It’s story time.

Sitting near the fire with a marshmallow jutting off the end of a long stick I can’t wait for it to brown just right so I can stick the oh so sweet gooey gob in my mouth.

A hush falls around the campfire with only the crackling of the fire as the flames lick the log in the middle of the circle of big rocks. All of us girls quietly eat our marshmallows.

In a hushed tone Mrs. B. begins to tell us how Jesus probably sat at a fire just like this one and talked to his disciples. Then she goes into a story that leaves…

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