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The Spirit’s Alive

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Cars line to enter the already packed parking lot. The sun is bright and hot but it hasn’t detoured the saints from coming. People are already standing at the doors waiting to enter the sanctuary and the women fan themselves as the men wipe sweat from their brow.

Music can be heard sifting through the rafters and seeping through the walls. The vibration can almost be felt in their feet as the excitement grows.

Suddenly the doors are thrown open and thousands rush to find a seat. The music reverberates through the room and hands have already started to clap, bodies are dancing between the rows of seats, and others are doing little jigs as they walk down the isles.

The music softens just a bit and through the loud speakers, as the stragglers search for a seat, a voice roars, “Are you ready to worship the Lord?” The crowd…

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Sexual Assault and the Lasting Impacts

It can be a one-time occurrence that lasts less than five minutes or something that happens much more frequently.
The length of sexual assault is beside the point, as it can leave victims feeling permanently branded and developing serious psychological problems.
The effects of sexual assault on a woman last long after the event in question.


Post-traumatic stress disorder can arise as a result of sexual assault. What occurs can be so frightening that a woman can have an extraordinarily difficult time returning to their daily routine. Trying to sleep or enjoy a moment of relative stillness can be next to impossible. The memories of their painful experience will keep coming back, especially if they try to push them away.

Depression and anxiety

Survivors of sexual assault can often develop very dark views of themselves and the world. Depression and anxiety are not about feeling momentarily sad or nervous. They are chronic conditions that are worsened if not properly treated.Survivors can start to believe that they are a burden on the world and start to have suicide ideation. It’s crucial for anyone who is going through a difficult time following a sexual assault to seek out the appropriate resources to aid in their recovery.

Drug Abuse

The trauma of a sexual assault can cause some women to feel ashamed to speak about it. As a result, they’ll turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of coping. All this does is cover up feelings momentarily, allowing them to fester and grow more negative. Prescription medication can help for conditions such as depression or anxiety, but they need to be given by a doctor. Getting intoxicated is no way to handle the aftermath of sexual assault.

Physical harm

Sexual assault is as much of an act of violence as punching someone. Women who experience sexual assault are often handled aggressively and left with physical reminders of their experience. These can include lacerations, bruises, or cases of bleeding. They might also receive STDs or pregnancy due to forced intercourse. A woman who’s gone through sexual assault might do harm unto herself, such as cutting.

The grim realities of sexual assault and its aftermath should never be ignored. In order for women to have a voice, we must raise awareness of the lasting impacts of sexual assault. It might not be pleasant to think about, but it’s something we absolutely cannot forget.


I’m Not Less Than…

Sue's Pen2PaperBlog

In every home there is usually some sort of do’s and do not’s lain down for the children. Don’t run in the street, don’t touch the stove fire, take the garbage out, make your bed, don’t hit your sister/brother. Each child is taught what they should and should not do.

But what about healthy boundaries? What is a boundary? It is a line drawn in the sand, so to speak, that another can not cross. “You will not hit my sister, you will not use bad language in my presence, you will not break the vows of our marriage.” These are just a few of what is called healthy boundaries.

When a family has abuse; be it physical, emotional, or sexual within a family, boundaries are ignored. Its okay for Dad to sneak into his daughters room at night, its okay for Mom to get beat up by dad, its…

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The Whole Truth: Part 3

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A New Life


This portion of my story is where not only is my faith in God’s grace is tested everyday but yours will be tested too. This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to forgiveness. Will you be able to forgive me? Or will you turn your head in disgust? There’s nothing that can’t be covered by the blood, right? No sin too big, no sin too small. As I said before, if you have an issue with what I write here today please unfollow me and keep the comments empty of negativity.

After the loss of my twins I spent many months soaked in alcohol and marijuana. The people around me just picked up with their lives and kept going but I couldn’t. No one would bring up the loss. No one asked me how are you doing? I get that most didn’t have the skills, but…

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I am a Child of God – song

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Sue's Pen2PaperBlog

Eighteen years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and having been gang raped at age 14 I am no longer a slave to fear. Hallelujah and glory be to God.

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Elite Wife Blows Whistle On Pedophile Ring ‘At Highest Heights’

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Nwo Report

The widow of a politician has claimed he was part of a international pedophile ring that went to "the highest heights you can imagine."The widow of a high-level politician has blown the whistle on her late husband claiming he was part of a international political pedophile ring that went to “the highest heights you can imagine.”

Anihera Zhou Black has bravely come forward in an exclusive interview with The New Zealand Herald saying that her late husband was involved in an elite pedophile ring that went “deep and wide,” spanning the four corners of the globe.

“These people aren’t just laborers and workers at fast food restaurants,” Black says.

“These people are in suits, they are people in power,” she added.

According to Zhou Black’s stomach-churning, Facebook live broadcast, her husband was also a pedophile involved at the very highest levels of government.

Zhou Black, 49 said her difficult decision to expose her late husband as a Satanic pedophile was intended to give victims of abuse the strength to come forward.

Black also revealed…

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Wordless Heart

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When the past memories are “too much” this is perfect for the soul.

the grizzle grist mill

When no words can be found within your heart, and the weight of life seems unbeatable, or the sadness begins creeping in where joy once was, step outside. Go for a walk, sit down and listen to nature, enjoy good company or even stand in front of a waterfall.

Often, to find the peace your soul needs, you will have to move beyond the four walls in which you live. You will have to leave the agenda, the busyness, and all the cares and strife behind for a moment, or even, for several hours, and move out of the daily grind.

Go watch a sunset. Climb a mountain or a hillside where you can see the valley below. Sit by the lake or the ocean, or stand before a rushing river or near an avalanche of a waterfall and just listen.

You will hear His voice on the wind, calling…

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