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  1. Thank you Sue for posting this information. It’s devastating to know that we are being mandated to take an experimental agent that’s not even a vaccine by definition but actually gene therapy.

    I have informed my family what’s going on and how this is not going to “return us to normal”. Jesus Christ is coming back very soon.

    I have a degree in science and I thought something was wrong when they rushed this to market. I’ve witnessed the adverse effects from family members after they have taken it and it was very upsetting to say the least.

    My focus has been on them sharing how they can now stay healthy from the decisions they have made. There are countless doctors, nurses, virologist, etc worldwide trying to warn people about what’s going on.

    May the good Lord protect us all.

    • Thank you Saundra. I was put in Facebook jail because of putting this there so I knew it needed to be out there. Its so important that people know the truth but of course there are many who will ignore truth, which is really sad. I keep saying, come Lord Jesus come. I’m so sick and disgusted with the evil in this world and not just with this hoax. This is not the America I grew up in and I sure don’t like it. Blessings to you and stand strong in the Lord.


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