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“Amy’s Quest” Review

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Click to visit the original postAuthor Sue Cass doesn’t know how to write a bad book. Amy’s Quest is a riveting, must read, engaging story of love winning, against all odds. I couldn’t put this book down. It’s exciting, real, and true to life – the story right away engages the reader, almost as if you were a part of the story, not merely reading it.

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A Writer's Corner


Amy Preston’s perseverance, determination, and tenacity in her quest to overcome rejection, abandonment, abuse, and a world that makes no sense to her from childhood.

Suspense, intrigue, and romance that will keep you turning the pages.

Sue Cass’ new novel is a heartwarming story of a young girl determined to overcome all that she has faced. Her story shows us that hope does not have to be lost regardless of the challenges we may have faced in the past or in the present.


All proceeds from the sales of my books support

Elah Ministries, Inc.

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Amy Preston has a quest to fulfill in her young life after facing many challenges. Follow Amy’s story of rejection, abandonment, perseverance, and determination to find hope and love in a world that seems to have rejected her.

Will her dreams come true? Find out in the suspense filled pages of Amy’s Quest.

“Sue Cass does not know how to write a bad book. Amy’s Quest is riveting, must read, and engaging story.” Greg Holt – Author, editor and publisher.