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Monthly Archives: June 2020

How To Trust Again?

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The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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How to trust again…
when relationships come to an end…
when marriages fall apart…
as adulterous hearts depart.

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On Being a Victim

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Freedom Through Empowerment


Citizen Tom has a smart post up called I am a Victim where he challenges our thinking by flipping the narrative on who we normally think of as one.  That got me thinking a bit about the word victim.

I was a negative person for much of my younger years.  Bitterness about this or that disadvantage distorted my way of thinking, leading to a victimhood mentality where perceived enemies or circumstances were always preventing me from doing or getting what I wanted.  It wasn’t until I decided to drop being bitter for better that I began to actively seek change, which opened the door to self examination and new ways of thinking about things.

This was extremely humbling but also extraordinarily freeing, as I discovered how much power I had simply by controlling my thoughts and reactions to situations. I also began to see how enslaved I was to other…

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