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The Whole Truth: Part 3

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A New Life


This portion of my story is where not only is my faith in God’s grace is tested everyday but yours will be tested too. This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to forgiveness. Will you be able to forgive me? Or will you turn your head in disgust? There’s nothing that can’t be covered by the blood, right? No sin too big, no sin too small. As I said before, if you have an issue with what I write here today please unfollow me and keep the comments empty of negativity.

After the loss of my twins I spent many months soaked in alcohol and marijuana. The people around me just picked up with their lives and kept going but I couldn’t. No one would bring up the loss. No one asked me how are you doing? I get that most didn’t have the skills, but…

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I am a Child of God – song

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Sue's Pen 2 Paper Blog

Eighteen years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and having been gang raped at age 14 I am no longer a slave to fear. Hallelujah and glory be to God.

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