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Knowing Who You Are In Christ

We are NOT who our abuser/s said we are be it inferred or spoken. We are who Christ says we are! By the renewing of our mind we can become all that God created us to be.

Pure Glory

by Gabriel Cross

The more you embrace who you are in Me, The more you will see, perceive, and understand who you are in Me. Gravity cannot hold you down. History cannot hold you back. People, trauma, the past, and the enemy cannot stop you. They cannot stop you, because I started You.  Only you can stop you.  I started you, made you and ordained you that you would show forth the praises, the beauty, and the Glory of Me, in the earth.

Embrace who You are. Embrace yourself, completely.  Stop apologizing, destructively criticizing, disguising, and over analyzing, who you are.  Start embracing, celebrating you, discovering, and loving who you are, the way I, Father, loves you.

Embrace your Kingdom identity, your new Destiny in Me, your Divinity, and Christ in you, the Hope of Glory Embrace who you are wholeheartedly, because I embrace whom I created you to be…

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About Sue Cass

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I am the founder and C.E.O. of Elah Ministries, Inc. A non-profit 501c3 ministry that offers hope, healing, and deliverance to hurting souls. Elah Ministries, Inc. is supported strictly by donations and the proceeds from the sale of my nine published books; both fiction and non-fiction. I hope this ministry and my books draws people closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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