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A Pen Tip – I Am

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He who is the Almighty One

wonders about those

whose hearts are filled

with those things other than love. 

He who loves all of His children

sheds tears when He hears,

“There is no God.”

One must have the veil of despair lifted

to see His mighty works.

Breathe in the air, smell a rose,

look at your spouse and tell others,

“Oh but there is a God.

For who in human form

could create the very existence

of all that surrounds us?” 

Take a breath, wipe a tear,

for He who loves you mightily

made all that you feel.

Even those deep hurts,

for pain is growth.

Cry, My little ones

and rejoice

for all you are,

I Am. 

And all I am,

you are. 

The Holy Spirit – June 1997

Blessings to you

Is God Faithful?

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We can trust God for our healing.

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“And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember that everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.” Gen. 9:16

“Faithful is He that calls you, who also will do it.” 1 Thes. 5:24

“And behold, I am with you, and will keep you in all places wherever you go, and will bring you again into this land; for I will not leave you, until I have done that which I have spoken to you of.” Gen. 28:15

“Thy Mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reaches unto the clouds.” Ps. 36:5

“I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever; with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.” Ps. 89:1

“God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His…

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His Glory, Not Mine! – Testimony

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In 1997 I was leading a support group for women who had been sexually abused as children and also publishing the Angels by Grace Magazine. I wrote this article for that magazine for the April 1997 issue.

The healing the Lord has accomplished since this writing is staggering! It is amazing how the Lord will use our pain. There is hope for healing! Trust Him. He will bring you through. 

When I read the testimonies that are given from women and men that have endured the hurt, betrayal, and loss as children, I cry. I feel that pain so very deep inside and wonder how any of us have survived such atrocities. I thank God for the healing that He has done, and is doing  within me and so many others.

There are a couple of testimonies that have been offered for Angels by Grace that have mentioned my name. I feel so humbled that the Lord has used me to offer up His hope before others. If I had been asked about the love of God just a few short years ago I would have either snarled out some caustic answer or turned and walked away. Not knowing that Christ was working within my life I would have clenched my teeth in absolute anger at the very thought that God loved me! How dare anyone tell me what I thought were lies! God could not have loved me. He could not have died for my salvation. For you see I thought it was God who not only told my Dad to abuse, but sat beside me and laughed while it was happening! How very wrong I was. I have asked Christ for His forgiveness so many times for my ignorance of who He is and He has forgiven me every time I cry out to forgive me again.

Therapy brought me through the times when suicide was thought to be my only alternative to stop the torment of memories and the sense that nothing could stop the pain of those memories. Much to my surprise I have learned that it was not God who was sitting beside me laughing back then, but the devil himself! I have learned that God was crying the same tormented tears of hurt and pain, betrayal and loss of innocence that I cried about then, and sometimes cry about now.

These past few years Christ has shown me that He is the One who sits in the Angel Group Support Group and says the words of encouragement to those hurting souls. I know that it is Christ that these women see who offers hope and healing, who’s understanding is given because if it were really me, the human called Sue, I would probably be asking as many questions as the others in the group.

I don’t always have the answers to difficult questions, like those that we struggle with on occasion about why did He allow it to happen? Why didn’t He stop it? I, like so many others, do not have the answers. I have to believe what Christ tells us in the Bible, that He is love, that He does not sit and laugh at our pain, that He is faithful to complete the good work He started in us. And like so many others, I still hurt, I still cry, and I still run to Christ like a child running to daddy. ( A daddy that did not hurt me.)

Reading the testimonies of these healing people has humbled me before the Lord. I am amazed constantly that He would not only take my pain and use it to help others, but that He has chosen me to work through. I’m the one who could not mouth His name because of anger directed at Him. Yet, when I sit within a room praising Him, acting like I’ve got it all together, these women thank me for what they see before them, the healing that they see that has been done within me.

Please know that I am grateful to the Lord who has done the work. I am grateful that people look at me and find encouragement. But what you are seeing is Christ within me. You are seeing Christ at work through someone who continues to sin. And I thank Him every day that He is the One who heals, restores, and is the life within me.  He is the One who shows us that abuse is wrong, that we need others to encourage, that groups are a must for those of us who need a shoulder to cry on, someone who can share our deep pain and laugh with us when we jump for joy over some accomplishment or area of healing that we have found victory over.

He is the Power that lights the way and we are the lamp stands that He will use. Healing cannot be done alone. We need Christ, we need others to encourage. Even if you are still within the walls of pain you also can help others. A kind smile, a simple pat on the shoulder goes a very long way when someone feels cold inside.

Let Christ use you as His lamp stand. For it is His light that brings us through those dark and scary places. It is He that sits amongst us and tells us, “Healing is a process. Don’t give up. Hang in there. Been there-done that.” Christ is faithful to bring you through the pain. Trust Him for He is the One who is faithful and true. He’ll prove it was not He who hurt you. That it is His will for you to be all that He created you to be; loving, happy, and whole.

Now I cry tears of gratitude and love for the healing that He has done for me and for the healing that I know He will do for you.


Blessings to you.


“Tell Your Mother About the Orgasm…”

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This is a topic we usually do not discuss in an open forum but it is a very important one for survivors to know. I apologize for the strong language of the author. She’s a survivor, too.

Know any Gossips?

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Sue's Pen2PaperBlog

“The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a man’s inmost parts.” Prov.18:8

“A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid a man who talks too much.” Prov. 20:19

“A gossip betrays a confidence; but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.” Prov. 11:13

“A perverse man stirs up dissention, and a gossip separates close friends.” Prov. 16:28

“Your tongue plots destruction; it is like a sharpened razor, you who practice deceit.” Ps. 52:2

“Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies.” Ps. 34:13

“Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a quarrel dies down. As charcoal to embers and as wood to fire, so is a quarrelsome man for kindling strife.” Prov. 26:20-21 


Blessings to you.

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When God Speaks, Listen.

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Written by Charlie – Angels by Grace Pub. – March 1997


When I was young I sought God. I asked God,

 “Why do you not speak to me? Other’s

say you speak to them, and they are no

better than I!

Sure I know right from wrong,

yet sometimes I do the wrong. But

I don’t hurt anyone.

My friends don’t like me! But then,

I don’t need them anyway. My family just

wants me to do what they say. But who

are they to tell me what to do!”

Then a still small voice inside of me said,

“I’ve spoken to you many times. Yet

many times you refused to listen.

I’ve sent angels to protect you,

in times when you were alone and


I also sent you friends that you

turned away! They didn’t ‘fit in.’

I’ve had your mother and all your

family tell you the right things

to do.

How can you hear Me when you will

not hear what those who love you

have to say?

The truth is, if you would listen,

you would hear My voice in so

many ways.”

Then God spoke once more. And I listened when He said,

“Be still and know that I am God.”


Blessings to you.

What Happens Behind the Closed Doors of the Counseling Office?

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Written by Dr. Cliff Garrison – Anchor of Hope Counseling Ministries. -Angels by Grace Pub. May 1997

The scene usually includes two people – sometimes three or four. One party is generally feeling pretty overwhelmed having tried all the answers that used to work in the past but now don’t seem to.  Christ-centered counselor’s are really not that much different. They have hurt in many of the same ways as most people they see. And through their own weaknesses they have experienced the reality of God’s love, strength, and healing power. The Lord during these difficult times has revealed some basic principles that the counselor can then use to help others in their times of testing.

First and foremost the counselor is there to hear accurately and sensitively the story which the hurting one is trying to tell. He wants to listen in such a way that can put himself in the other’s shoes so that the other knows he has been understood, accepted, and received. The one hurting needs to know he is loved, and a precious treasure to the Lord. He is a child of God – not better than or less than any other child of God.

Besides being accepted and understood, the counselee needs to feel the respect for the journey that the Lord has him on in this point in life. He needs to realize that this time of difficulty is no accident. God’s hand is on him to bring new life from the darkness. The Lord even says He gives treasures of darkness. (Isaiah 45) Our suffering is the setting the Lord uses to draw us closer to himself. As long as we have no needs – we also have no need for a Savior. God’s love will allow us to see our need.

Christian counselors can help the counselee see their need from God’s perspective. Counselee’s are way ahead of many of us because they see themselves in need. Therefore they are open to God’s help. Now the counselor, with God’s help can assist the counselee to see regular patterns that seem to ongoingly emerge and create problems in the counselee’s life. So working together in a shared partnership God provides the atmosphere for healing and transformation to take place. Life’s lies, coming from false messages given many times during childhood, are brought to the light. And as the truth begins to emerge and take hold there is an experience of God’s love and goodness even in the midst of pain.

Through prayer and the willingness to be open and transparent God will allow the root of the problem to be revealed. Then we can find the blocks, that is strongholds that keep us from doing the things we want to do or keep us from doing those things we don’t want to do. When the root of the blocks is revealed it can be severed by forgiveness and repentance. And so we discover we are like Paul, the Apostle, who had the same experience. (Romans 7)

There was an answer for Paul and there is an answer for you. Don’t give up hope. God can redeem any mistake and bring hope into the most hopeless of circumstances.


Blessings to you.