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A Message to Someone Who is Hurting

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God is our hope for He brings the healing.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

A message to someone who is hurting…
is all that I want to share.
For I know how you feel…
cause I have already been there.
I have felt the brokenness…
and feelings that I could not cope.
But God has His Hands on you…
so don’t give up hope.

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HE LIFTS US UP: Angry With God?

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God won’t “zap” you with lightning if you admit you’re angry at Him. He’s so much bigger than your anger.


Angry with God…
for unanswered prayers?
When everyone says He cares…
and He is always there.
Well, He loves us all…
and knows what’s in each heart.
So telling Him you are angry…
is a good place to start.

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Five Good Responses

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By the Georgia Counsel on Child Abuse


If a child tells you that he/she has been abused, there are five important things to say during the initial conversation. These are:

1. I believe you

                 2. I am glad you told me.

                                            3. It is not your fault that this happened

                  4. (Sexual) abuse is wrong

                                    5. I will help you so that it will stop. 

The following are examples of possible ways to begin such a conversation. Use these only as a guide and adapt to fit your style of talking.

1.  I have been worried about you lately. Is there anything that you would like to talk about?

2.  Something seems to be bothering you. Would you like to talk so that I may help you?

3.  I have been able to help other children who have problems. If you would be willing to tell me what is bothering you, maybe I can help you, too.

4. If a child asks you to promise not to tell anyone, it is important to let the child know that you are not   able to promise that right now, but that you do promise to help him/her in anyway you can.

5.  If a child describes a problem that is happening to a friend, ask him/her if anything like that has ever happened to you.

Responses to avoid:

1. Are you sure that is happening?

2. Are you telling me the truth?

3. Why are you telling me?

4. Let me know if it happens again.

5. Why didn’t you stop him? or What did you do to make this happen?


Blessings to you.

Loving An Abuser Is Like Taking A Sugar Pill Laced With Arsenic

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Our testimonies is God’s way of reaching out to others to give them hope.

Voices In My Ear

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I’ve re-blogged this because so many survivors get caught up in this sort of behavior. Male and female. Christ can heal you!


Voices In My Ear

It’s yet early in the morning and I’m wide awake
If I make the wrong choices my integrity’s at stake
As I sit at my computer I ponder with what to write
I hear a voice whispering come and look at my site
No one will know what do I have to loose
This voice keeps whispering let me help you choose
Everyone’s asleep now no one will know
I forget about the history that my computer will show
It will be my little secret who is it going to hurt
The voice keeps whispering come and look at this dirt
This voice keeps whispering come and take a peek
It’s pleasure that we’re after as we play hide and seek
I hear a softer voice whispering in my ear
Open up My Word it’s Me that you draw near
I now have two choices which…

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“But Why ME!?!?” – A Testimony

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Sue's Pen2PaperBlog

Written by Nancy – Angels’s by Grace Pub. – April 1997

“What’s that gray thing on the wall, Mom?”

“It’s the shadow of the green chair, Son.”

“What’s that big blue thing in those people’s back yard, Mom?”

“Why those guys have a swimming pool, Son.”

“Don’t cut your hair, Mom. It’s how I tell you apart from the other Moms.”

“Never, Son. I promise. I’ll never cut it. You’ll always find me in the way you recognize best.”

My son is legally blind. He has Cerebral Palsy and, though he walks, runs, jumps, and talks, it’s not quite the same as other kids. He never acknowledged his differences, not really. Oh, I talked to him about it. His young, little boys eyes would stare owlishly through his thick glasses and he would nod with great wisdom, but it never dawned on him until he reached the fifth grade.


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Baggage we Carry

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B –    Blame

A    – Anger

G    – Guilt

G   – God as Father

A    – Alone

G    – Given to experimentation (Drugs, Alcohol, etc.)

E    – Erratic Relationships


H   – Hear the truth

E   – Expel bitterness

A    – Accept help

L    – Look for God

Blessings to you.