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Do I really need to journal?

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Many people journal for various reasons. Journaling is a place where we can sit back and tell it like it is. We have a safe medium where we can spill our guts out with no condemnation, no judgment, no one peeking over our shoulder telling us we’re doing it all wrong. We can say what we want, we can cry out to the Lord in desperation or in praise and worship. A journal is our safe place to say anything and everything we want. It can be a diary of our hopes and dreams, of lessons we’ve learned, of failures we’ve had. As the pages are filled we can one day look back and see where the Lord has brought us.

So the answer is yes. In my opinion it is vital to journal when going through the healing process. Many survivors have flashbacks. It may be bits and snippets of the past abuse or it may be a smell, a song, a phrase, a touch, that triggers a memory. These need to be recorded and looked at more closely. Some have dreams and don’t understand where the dream came from or what it means. By recording these instances they can be prayed over, discussed at a later date or just left for future examination and maybe even ignored.

For many years I had a recurring dream that I never understood. It was just one image of a small hand but it would leave me awakening with fear. When I started journaling I described the dream in one of my entree’s. It was sometime later as I was writing in my journal that it seemed the Holy Spirit took control of my pen and suddenly there was the answer to that recurring dream. The Lord revealed exactly what the dream was. It wasn’t a dream, it was a recurring memory! He explained the memory. Once I had that understanding I have never to this day had the dream again.

Pray before you journal. Give the Lord permission to reveal whatever it is He knows needs revealing at that time. He promises not to give you more than you can handle.  (1Cor.10:13)

I hear you! I hear the groans and long sighs of “Do I have to?”  No, you don’t have to but your understanding and freedom will be much quicker if you do. I hear your excuses; “But I don’t know what to write in a journal. I sit down and nothing comes.” That’s why you ask the Lord to be a participate in your journey. He knows what needs to be revealed.

I’ll be making suggestions in the assignment section of the posts to help but that does not over rule what the Lord may want to reveal to you. I have found many times when I begin writing about something on my mind the Lord eases it into something that is on His mind.

Another example in my journaling was when the Lord revealed I was getting in His way. How was I doing that? I was focusing on what I wanted and didn’t want. “I don’t want to go there!” I was refusing to look at a particular area of pain. It was crucial for where I was at on my healing journey. I could refuse to delve into it or I could allow the Lord to do His healing.

It is your decision as to how serious you are about confronting  your pain. “But I don’t have time!” I hear you, but, we always make time for those things that are important to us. Journaling helps you! When you open that journal weeks, months, or years later it is an eye opening experience, and quite gratifying, to see where you were and where the Lord has brought you now.

I encourage you to share some of your thoughts in the discussion/comment section below. That’s what a support group is, sharing. We learn from each other and grow, we encourage each other, and we pray for each other.

Now let’s get started.

Question: How difficult was it for you to think of 10 positive qualities about yourself? Share your thoughts, I’ll bet you aren’t alone.


Lord I ask that you be with each survivor as they put their pen to their paper. I ask that you manifest Yourself to them and help them in healing. In Jesus name. Amen.

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matt.11;28-30


Look up: Phil. 4:13, Phil. 1:6, Ro.8:37, Is. 43:2, Is. 40:31

Listen to what the Lord may reveal and write what each of these says to you personally.

Do you believe what they say?


Blessings to you and I hope to see you next week.

If you have confidential questions/comments feel free to e-mail me at:




About Sue Cass

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I am the founder and C.E.O. of Elah Ministries, Inc. A non-profit 501c3 ministry that offers hope, healing, and deliverance to hurting souls. Elah Ministries, Inc. is supported strictly by donations and the proceeds from the sale of my nine published books; both fiction and non-fiction. I hope this ministry and my books draws people closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. I can’t believe I’ve found your blog Sue it truly is an answer to prayer. I’ve sent an email to you but that was before I found this site. I love writing journals but haven’t done it in a while as it is too painful but feel encouraged by this blog and your writings. Thankyou shall read the scriptures and start writing again asking the LORD to help me. God Bless jacqui xx

    • Thank you so much Jacque. I pray your journaling, with the Lord’s help, will bring you much insight ad healing. I know from my own experience that He speaks through our pen, too. If you do the homework assignments that will help you tremendously. Your comments are truly appreciated. Blessings to you in your healing journey.


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